My top 5 Netflix fashion programmes

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Netflix is probably most peoples go-to for shows to watch at the mo I would imagine. So with that in mind here are my top 5 shows on Netflix centered around fashion...

Next in Fashion

I binged watched the whole first series the other day. I think about 8 hours I watched in one go! Without giving too much away, the show is based around 18 fashion designers from around the world. Some have more experience than others, for example designing for Beyonce and Lady Gaga. That said they all have to compete to design and make different themed outfits each episode. At the end of each episode there are eliminations until it gets to the finale and an overall winner is chosen.
I haven't seen Tan Frances in anything before but he grew on me. I've been watching a few videos from Vogue with Alexa in it and I have really warmed to her. I love her down to earth, tongue in cheek attitude. And her dress sense too!
I really enjoyed this as I got to understand the contestants a bit better each week and was rooting for them all. I think the winner was well deserved and I would if I could afford it to buy their designs :)


If you need inspiration for starting your own business from scratch and making it a success then do give this a watch.
I loved the main character Sophia's ballsy no shit attitude. She can come across as a bit OTT (but then this show is a dramatization of how the Nasty Gal founder went from rags to riches) but I still end up rooting for her. It is a shame that the series got canceled after one series. Still worth a watch for the fashion lovers out there.


A classic 90s rom-com. I like to think that you've seen this (if not go and watch it!)- but I had to mention it as it does focus a lot on fashion. It's now become a meme of its self, with Cher's iconic tartan miniskirt outfit now often copied for fancy dress outfits.
Cher comes across as a ditzy blonde but by the end of the film you can see that the character has grown in her maturity.
If you love 90s fashion then defo give this a watch!

From Prada to Nada

Two sisters used to living the life of Riley as soon found destitute after their father dies. They end up moving in with their lower-class family and this film follows the two sisters as they adapt to their new lifestyle. It's one of those schmaltzy films that is a charm to watch. Stick it on if you need a good feel-good film to watch.

And one programme I wan to watch...

Styling Hollywood

I want to watch this to indulge myself in the glamour of Hollywood. Just to see what it's like to fashion the rich and famous. One can only dream!

If you have other fashion-based Netflix shows, then drop me a comment below!

Much love,

Abbie xx

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